Stainless Steel Foil

Stainless Steel Foil is delivered in thicknesses as light as .00039″. Moving to measurements this dainty requires cutting edge hardware and broad moving knowledge. Ulbrich has been creating light gage strip and thwart for just about a century. Every request is designed to your necessities and determinations with ceaseless spotlight on product and procedure improvement.
Product consistency is a fundamental normal foil. Knowing exactness foil product require a grouping of repeatable moving, slitting, strengthening and completing procedures customized particularly for your end use. Our committed foil office is situated in our high innovation building where the main center is thwart and light gage materials.

Advantages :
  • Close Tolerances
  • Thicknesses to .00039″ (0.010 mm)
  • ISO 9001, ISO 17025, AS9100, A2LA, LCS, NadCap, GEAE and Rolls Royce
  • Precision Annealing & Cleaning
  • 140 Alloys Available
  • Widths to 12″
  • Custom Packaging
  • R & D Prototype Orders
  • Large Production Runs